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LUNCH  11:30am-3:00pm

DINNER  5:30pm-9:00pm

Alte Liebe Yokohama アルテリーベ横浜本店


Introduction of our musicians

The concept of live music restaurant takes its inspiration from the main dining experience on the Titanic cruise ship. Professional musicians from Europe entertain you and enhance your dining experience.

Radu Nica


Radu Nica

"Playing in Alte Liebe is a unique and different experience. Guests are not coming here only to listen to you, like in a concert hall, they don't have a program of your repertoire for that night or for that lunch. The trick in Alte Liebe is to figure out how to make clients have a complete experience. What people would like to listen, when should we let them enjoy the amazing food and drinks and when should attract them to the music we play. The goal in Alte Liebe is to see people coming intrigued, make them relax, put them in a good mood so they will give us back true smiles at the end of the experience."

Leonid Shapovalov


Leonid Shapovalov

"For many years, Alte Liebe has been offering its guests not only excellent cuisine, but also wonderful music programs. This is a unique restaurant and not only for Japan."

"My colleague, the magnificent Romanian violinist Radu Nica, and I, with great pleasure, perform for our guests the most beautiful classical, jazz compositions, Japanese, French, Romanian, American, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian melodies, music from our favorite films, anime and Disney cartoons. We are waiting for you at Alte Liebe!"